Our purpose

We support local pet stores toensure they stay independent.

IndePet is proud to represent and support the leading independent pet stores in the industry. We do this to ensure the longevity and prosperity of independent pet stores in an increasingly competitive market. We are passionate about providing independent pet sores with all the tools to adapt and thrive.

We offer a range of support services including buying, marketing, business solutions, networking, exclusive products and more!

Our Story

Why we created Indepet

By tapping our collective power, we could not only respond to any corporate manoeuvring, but we could bring scale, efficiency and leadership to the ongoing expansion of this dynamic market.

Matt Kane

Founding chair

reflects on why Indepet came into existence

IndePet was founded in 2010 when a group of like-minded Australian independent pet store owners decided to come together and join forces.

All members were driven by a core belief in the strength of the independent retailer model who wanted to remain independent, however knew they would be stronger together.

In the years leading up to the foundation of IndePet, the pet industry had experienced tremendous growth around Australia with big corporate retailers moving into the market. There was a realisation that by tapping the collective power,
we could not only respond to any corporate maneuvering, but we could bring scale, efficiency, and leadership to the ongoing expansion of this dynamic market.

In 2012, New Zealand joined our group and we currently have over 50 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Today, IndePet is wholly owned by the pet store owners and the board remain our founders who first started this group. We continue to move forward and be strongertogether with big plans and goals for the future as well as expanding our services to meet the needs of the group.

All IndePet’s founders agreed that there is a real need to lift the professional image and reputation of the pet supply industry. Further, we are often told that the overall cost in transacting business – getting product from supplier to consumer – has been too high. The group’s immediate aim was to establish competitive trading alliances with the industry’s key suppliers and wholesalers.

While understanding the need for suppliers to profit, we believe we can correct the present imbalance by becoming the industry’s most innovative, professional, low-cost service provider.

IndePet is unique in our industry. With its low-cost structure and total retail focus, I believe it has obvious and immediate appeal to progressive independents of our industry nationally.

Indepet has been created to fill this need. Its charter is simple: to create retail wealth for IndePet members.

In the end, we all want control of our own destiny. The best way to keep control is by retaining our independent status. And we can only retain and strengthen that status if we work collectively as a unified group. That is what IndePet is all about.

Our history

Our dog food brand

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Made by locals, for locals

Phoenix pet food was developed by members of the IndePet group in response to the ongoing deep discounting they were experiencing in the pet food category, that was eroding margin at every turn.

Phoenix is available exclusively in IndePet pet stores, and all IndePet shareholders are joint owners of the brand.

Phoenix is a premium grain-free and sustainably sourced dog food available in 5 varieties and 2 sizes. The range is supported by a strong promotional calendar as well as competitive margins.

The ongoing marketing celebrates the brands unique position in the market – Made by Locals, For Locals. Phoenix is the only pet food available that is developed and owned by the pet store you are buying it from.

As an independent pet store owner and a pet lover, it is important to me to know exactly what ingredients are in the products I sell, how they are sourced and the nutritional value of the formula. I am proud to be able to offer my customers a locally owned, highly nutritious food that was specially formulated by combining the wealth of experience of local, independent pet store owners alongside an expert animal nutritionist.

Kylie Kane

100% Pets Byron Bay