Indepet is committed to supporting local and independent pet stores share theirknowledge, passion and great products with customers and their pets.


At IndePet, we believe a strong and prosperousindependent pet channel is vital to the health & longevity of pets, their owners and the pet care industry. We are proud to support over 40 local and independent pet stores in Australia and New Zealand.

IndePet was established in the pet care industry by nine Australian and New Zealand independent pet retailers, who got together to pool resources and act competitively in the market.

IndePet is built from independent pet store owners who share a like-minded business approach, working together to create a structure that supports customers and their pets. By joining together, stores provide each other and customers with networks of business knowledge, years of experience in the pet industry and most importantly keeping it local within their own communities.

IndePet focuses on strength in numbers with  over 40 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Each store is locally owned and proud to be independent, having a strong sense of their own community and pet care knowledge. The IndePet model seeks to lower costs, increase profit and create a network of support.

IndePet stores enjoy the everyday lifestyle of their customers and their pets, treating each enquiry as an individual and providing a service that they believe to be the core value of their businesses. IndePet stores aspire to be experts in pet health and happiness.

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