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IndePet partners with Australian Lions Hearing Dogs

We are excited to announce that some of our IndePet stores across Australia are partnering with Australian Lions Hearing Dogs for their upcoming National Hearing Dog Day.

Participating stores will be selling their iconic orange National Hearing Dog Day shoelaces and raising money for the Hearing Assistance Dog program throughout the month of April.

For over 40 years, Australian Lions Hearing Dogs (ALHD) has been providing Australians who are deaf or hard of hearing a set of ‘furry ears’ free of charge. In 2022, ALHD has delivered 31 Australians a professionally trained Hearing Assistance Dog.

We are extremely proud to be involved with such a wonderful organisation and community initiative.

Participating stores include:

Mt Barker Pet Care CentreCentre
Pet Land Stores Campbelltown
Pet Zone Woodville
North Lakes Pet World
Pet Destination
We know pets
The Pet Shop Boyz
World 4 Pets (North Richmond and Vineyard)
Macarthur Pets

IndePet celebrates International Women’s Day

IndePet celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting 80 guests on Wednesday 6 March at Captain Melville in Melbourne.

Guests from across the industry, from suppliers to store owners to groomers to vets, attended the event, which had the theme ‘Women in Pet – The Trailblazers of Our Industry’ and featured esteemed women from across the pet industry.

The event started with a keynote speech by Dr Katrina Warren, who gave an engaging and insightful recap of her over 30 years in the pet and television industry. Dr Warren discussed how much the industry has changed for both women and pets over the past few decades.

Tia Wishart, Business Development Manager at IndePet, said three years ago she came up with the idea of creating an event that transcends corporations, brands, and affiliations and is truly about the people and celebrates the women that make up her amazing industry.

“Last week it happened! At IndePet we believe we are stronger together, and the event was a beautiful example of this, with so many women from different corners of the industry coming together to celebrate each other. The theme was trailblazers of the industry, and our keynote and panellists truly represented this.”

Following the keynote, there was a Q&A with a panel of women who have blazed a trail in the industry. Panellists included Julie Dillon, CEO of Animal Care at EBOS (Masterpet), Jess Gibbins, owner and founder of La Doggie Vita, Diana Scott, founder of Frontier Pet Foods and Dr Katrina, who all shared their experiences with attendees.

Krysten Arnold, Marketing Manager at IndePet, said it was a very special afternoon and left her feeling extremely proud to be a part of the industry.

“Dr Katrina and the panellists spoke beautifully, and I found their stories so inspiring. The vibe felt so warm whether it be with people I had just met or others I hadn’t seen in years.”

Over the course of the event, guests had a chance to catch up with old friends or make new connections over drinks and canapes.

Todd Clarkson, CEO of IndePet, said they have had this event on their radar for three years, and it was a real team effort to bring it all together.

“With the lack of an industry wide event like this, despite such strong female leadership, and with women representing over 80 per cent of our IndePet team, it was a no brainer to let them run with the event. I am proud of all of their hard work, and I look forward to seeing what they can do for next year’s event as we continue to champion the women of our industry.”

Shop at your local pet store this Christmas

Christmas is great time of the year to support local businesses including local independently owned pet stores… so this Christmas (and always) think local first when shopping for your pets.

When you support your local pet store, more money stays within the community, creating jobs and encouraging economic growth.

In addition to the economic benefits, shopping locally contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendlier holiday season by reducing the need for long-distance transportation and the associated carbon footprint. It also minimises the chance of shipping and postal delays.

The care and sense of community you get when walking into your local pet store is something the corporate retailer cannot compete with. Many of our stores are doing wonderful initiatives including raising money and goods for local pet shelters, Santa photos, raffles, gift wrapping, pet education sessions, adoption days and so much more. Our store owners and team members are passionate about their community and are continuously thinking of ways to enhance the shopping experience for you and your pets.

We also know times are tough and shopping for great deals is important right now, particularly at this time of the year. Shopping local doesn’t mean you miss out on big savings. Our IndePet stores have some amazing discounts across a wide range of big brands including Hills, Royal Canin, Black Hawk, Kazoo and NexGard Spectra (just to name a few).

Convenience is also a huge factor when it comes to deciding where to shop and many of the stores in our group have online and click & collect. We encourage you all to give back to your local community and shop local, when possible, this Christmas.

Give your pet the Christmas they deserve at your local pet store. We hope you all have a merry Christmas and safe new year!

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IndePet and PD Insurance Partnership

IndePet is always working towards helping our store network increase profit, lower costs, and strengthen the group of independent pet stores in New Zealand and Australia.

We recently partnered with PD Pet Insurance to help support customers in accessing pet insurance and to create a passive income stream for stores.

Why is Pet Insurance Important?
Research conducted by PD Insurance showed that more than half our respondents either can’t or aren’t sure if they can afford a $1000+ vet bill. That is pretty concerning when you consider 1 in 5 of them who have/have had insurance say they’d claimed $2,500 or more from their pet insurer in just one year.
There is a growing sentiment amongst customers, especially millennials, about the importance of pet insurance as part of responsible pet ownership.
Indepet stores support the best care for their customers and their pets, offering a pet insurance option is a great thing to add to the already amazing range of services and support our stores offer.

Why PD Insurance?

PD Insurance is:
• Trans-Tasman and can partner with all stores in the Indepet group
• Recommended and supported by Indepet members “I really recommend PD Insurance; really easy and by far the best insurance policy rewards…” – Mike Tasker
• Committed to faultless customer service and a best-in-class insurance experience
• Supporting people to bring pets into their family in a responsible way
• Working to simplify the pet insurance policy process for customers – they offer, 3 simple plans with 3 simple excesses
• Providing peace of mind to pet parents when they are choosing their pet insurer
• Offering an exclusive deal to the Indepet Group

How does it work?

The store gets:
• Branded pet insurance brochures/posters bespoke to your store
• A customer service team ready to assist
• Instore referral code unique to your store – this ensures all referrals are linked to your store
• A referrer fee for every customer who signs up to a PD insurance policy
• A lead generation fee for any customer details successfully provided to PD insurance

The customers get:

• Generous FREE insurance periods for example pets under 1 year old, get up to 4 MONTHS FREE months, so nothing to pay.
• A boost in their initial FREE sign-up periods when using your referral code.
• Access to the PD Insurance team to help them navigate the pet insurance policy journey
• Peace of mind and protection for their pet.

The PD insurance team is made up of pet loving individuals just like us and are available to assist with any customer enquiries! Find out more about PD Pet Insurance here 


Kellyville Pets turns 40

Congratulations to Kellyville Pets 40 Years of Day Making!

The IndePet team is very proud to wish John, Siggy and the whole team at Kellyville Pets a very Happy 40th Store Birthday!

The motto of Kellyville Pets is to “make the day” of everyone who steps foot in the store, and 1 visit will show you all the amazing and creative ways they do this!

Kellyville started with humble beginnings but big aspirations! In 1983, John started the business by selling pets on the weekend when he was still in school. The focus of the business has always been on offering the best in pet care, and this value has stayed true as the business has grown. Kellyville is always testing and trialling new ways to do things and have been a leader in driving the industry forward.

IndePet are proud to have Kellyville in the group and can’t wait to see what the next 40 years brings for this remarkable business and its passionate team!

IndePet Launches PetCademy

IndePet is changing the way the independent pet channel drives training in stores. We realise the importance of team training and the role it plays for both enriching the workplace for team members and giving customers the best possible shopping experience. There was a huge opportunity to level up in this area with 90% of our stores telling us that training was the most important factor determining their success. Suppliers also view product and brand training as their key focus for stores. With that being said, we have partnered with the Retail Doctor Group to launch our new state of the art online training platform ‘PetCademy’ available to all of our members and their teams.

One of the main goals of the platform is to provide enrichment for team members. Employees are more likely to stay with a company longer and be more engaged if they are invested in their development. It’s also a great tool for attracting the right staff for your business as training is well regarded. It is proven that companies who create an environment where team members are highly engaged, can expect to see a significate increase in profit.

There is a wide range of training modules on the program available to all team members including product, retail and business management. Team members can access the program from anywhere at any time, is easy to use and provides certificates for module completion.

This initiative is a part of our ongoing commitment to help grow stores revenue, reduce costs and ultimately stay competitive in the market. We are excited to offer this to our members and look forward to seeing stores engage and for the program to evolve over time.

Pet Patch New Zealand joins IndePet

We are very excited to welcome Ryan Gedye and his store Pet Patch, to the IndePet group!

Ryan opened Pet Patch in October 2022, after seeing a need for a high-quality pet store in the Haupai area where he grew up. Pet Patch is a local pet store with a difference focusing on having quality products and brands in store that will enrich the lives of pets in the community. The team pride themselves on a high level of customer service and offering the best advice for their customers. The store has several pets available looking for homes and focuses on matching pets with the right owners whilst also providing ongoing support to the new owners throughout the pet’s life.

Owner, Ryan has been in the pet and zoo industry for the past 19 years, starting  work at an Auckland independent pet store as a 13 year old and volunteering during his high school years on the weekends and after school. At 16, Ryan started working at the Auckland Zoo, gaining experience and knowledge along the way. His passion continued to grow and when he finished high school, he went on to do a Certificate of Animal Management (Captive Wild Animals) so he could work in the Zoo as a full timekeeper. Since 2011 Ryan has worked at the Auckland Zoo as an Ungulate Keeper, managed Pet stores (both independent and chain) as well as being a Manager/Team Leader at Butterfly Creek (small zoo). Since opening Pet Patch, he has been thoroughly enjoying providing the local pets of the community with amazing products and advice. Ryan has big dreams and goals for his store and is working hard towards achieving them.

IndePet is bringing back the Pet Industry Trade Show!

Pet industry trade shows are BACK and we are excited to announce IndePet will be hosting 2 events across Australia and New Zealand in July.

As the industry consolidates and becomes more corporatised, it has never been more important for us to LEVEL UP! Independent pet stores are the lifeblood of the industry, and our Trade Show is a great opportunity to unite our members and suppliers as we continue to be Stronger Together and cement our place in the market.

Suppliers can showcase new products, offer great deals and network and engage with store owners and key decision makers. For members, it’s a rare occasion to get up close and personal to key suppliers, ask questions, negotiate deals and discuss plans for the future.

There will also be the chance to have a drink and chat with each other in a social setting.

Upcoming Dates

SYDNEY – Wednesday 19th July, 2023

AUCKLAND – Wednesday 26th July, 2023

Suppliers looking to partner with IndePet and a stand at the show please contact Rebecca Kretschmer:

If you own a pet store and not part of the IndePet network but would like to attend the industry trade show – please contact Tia Wishart to discuss: P: 0415 962 296 E:

Australian Retail Innovator Awards

IndePet is extremely proud to have had 3 of our members as finalists in the recent Australian Retail Innovators Awards including Kellyville for Customer Experience, Kylie & Matt Kane for Social Cause and Andrew Baker for Inspiring Retail Leader. It’s great to see independent small business being recognised in a field of the biggest and best retailers in the nation.

The awards recognise and celebrate the very best innovators in retail across seven important categories.

Kellyville Pets  

John Grima and his team at Kellyville Pets work to create a positive, memorable, and personalised experience that meets their customer’s needs and exceeds their expectations. If you have been lucky enough to have stepped foot in the store, you would absolutely agree this is the case. The team are passionate pet experts who love sharing their knowledge with customers. They even offer guidance and education outside the store including their online and in-store pet masterclasses.

Kellyville Pets has been around for 40 years and has become an institution in the area with lifelong customers built over the years. Once a customer shops with Kellyville, they very quickly become loyal for life.

Ensuring they maintain their amazing customer service, Kellyville Pets conduct an annual customer survey, have weekly mystery shoppers and an NPS quiz at their exit. Google reviews are closely monitored and responded to within 24 hours and social media listening tools are in place to stay abreast of what people are saying about them and their competitors.

Their customer loyalty program currently consists of 71% of their customer database which is no surprise with their expertise and advice, entertainment in store, animals, product selection and the in-store “experience”.

Congratulations John and the entire team at Kellyville Pets!


Matt and Kylie Kane, 100% Pets 

Matt and Kylie Kane were deservingly recognised for their work in the 2022 northern New South Wales floods which left many homes and businesses displaced.

100% Pets were the only pet store in the area able to remain open at the time and rallied their local community and supplier partners to assist in any way they could. The store became a drop-off location for donations of pet and animal products, to help support those in need and their pets. The team worked tirelessly to help reunite lost animals of all shapes and sizes with their owners, as many had been displaced during the floods. – Kylie and Matt worked closely with local animal charities and rescues to support in any way they could, making many trips to deliver donations to all affected areas, navigating significant damage to local infrastructure using all their 4WD skills to get too hard-to-reach areas. They also managed to get into the community and help flood victims directly including Friends of the Pound, to clean out the facility ready to bring animals back into care

100% Pets are passionate about all animals having access to the same level of love, care, and happiness they deserve. They assist charities in the rehoming of pets looking for permanent and temporary homes and help with animal aid and relief during natural disasters such as the Lismore floods.

What an incredible effort, not only during the floods, but the work Matt and Kylie do all year round for the welfare of pets.


Andrew Baker, IndePet Chairman and owner of Pet Superstore 

Andrew Baker is our Chairman of the IndePet board and owner of two Pet Superstore stores in Queensland providing pet products and services to customers for over 25 years.

Growing up, Andrew was involved in a lot of small businesses and industries with his parents and after studying at university, he took off to travel the world. Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment certainly paved the way for Andrew’s future self.

Andrew looks up to leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi with their strong resolve and ability to adapt and communicate in difficult situations. Also having a “Jack of all trades” Grandfather who could “fix or build anything” with only the tools and parts available in his shed taught Andrew to adapt and maximise available resources to achieve the best outcome.

At work, the store environments and interacting with his team inspire him. It’s a fortuitous combination of knowledge, experience, and having good people around you.

Andrew believes communication and well-trained staff are vitally important because they help build resilience into your business. Andrew brings his team along for the ride so everyone understands what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

Technology in the business changed everything and brought innovation to life. It made the world smaller and made things go faster. As a result, IndePet make their own food and are looking at other products and labels they can source directly.

From a leadership view, Andrew says you can’t be everyone’s mate however if you’re pretty clearly defined about what you’re about and where you want to go and how you’re going to do it, then people will respect that.

Congratulations Andrew!



IndePet Business Solutions

As the cost of living continues to rise, so too, do the costs of running a business and the feedback from our members is becoming more prominent. Finding solutions and figuring out ways we can reduce general business costs for our members has become a big focus for IndePet. Fortunately, being a part of a larger group facilitates opportunities for our stores to save thousands of dollars a year on products and services.  

We recently partnered with IndiHub as their exclusive pet retail partner who support independent retailers in the grocery and convenience sectors. IndiHub is a membership-based service which connects stores with the best suppliers and service providers in the industry. Members of IndePet are entitled to a obligation-free cost saving assessments of the services they use, such as electricity, insurance and EFTPOS merchant fees and much more. So far, we have saved IndePet members over $120,000 and we expect that number to continue to grow.  

Our members are busy running stores, and we understand that assessing ways in which the business can reduce costs may be overwhelming. This process only take members 15-30 minutes to complete and the rest is done for them. As costs continue to rise, there has never been a more important time to reduce expenses where possible, and this is where IndePet can help. Our services are available to help members find operational efficiencies and cost savings on a range of products and services that every business needs.