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IndePet History – A little trip down memory lane…

A little trip down memory lane… IndePet was founded in 2010 when a group of like-minded Australian independent pet store…

A little trip down memory lane…

IndePet was founded in 2010 when a group of like-minded Australian independent pet store owners decided to come together and join forces.

All members were driven by a core belief in the strength of the independent retailer model who wanted to remain independent, however knew they would be stronger together.

In the years leading up to the foundation of IndePet, the pet industry had experienced tremendous growth around Australia with big corporate retailers moving into the market. There was a realisation that by tapping the collective power, we could not only respond to any corporate maneuvering, but we could bring scale, efficiency, and leadership to the ongoing expansion of this dynamic market.

In 2012, New Zealand joined our group and we currently have over 50 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Today, IndePet is wholly owned by the pet store owners and the board remain our founders who first started this group. We continue to move forward and be stronger together with big plans and goals for the future as well as expanding our services to meet the needs of the group.

We would love for you to hear from some of our current members…

Hans Petiet, Tails Pet Centre Tea Tree Gully
“Joining and being a part of the IndePet Group has been invaluable. Sharing excellent and practical knowledge together with other independent stores has helped my business continue to grow and exceed expectation in our challenging economic environment. Now, more than ever before, we need to work together to maintain our high-quality service to the local community.”

John Counihan, Mt Barker Pet Care Centre

“Being part of a like-minded group of people gives me an opportunity to network and learn from others in the industry. IndePet is owned and directed by independent pet store owners like me who want to make our stores, and the industry, the best they can be. The IndePet network is an invaluable resource that we all need now, more than ever.”

Jaquie Pryor, Wonthaggi Pet Supplies

“Being an independent pet store owner can be tough, but being a part of IndePet makes it easier. IndePet helps save me time and money, as well as giving me a network of other pet stores who are on my side. IndePet helps me keep my business strong into the future.”