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PD Insurance Partnership

IndePet is always working towards helping our store network increase profit, lower costs, and strengthen the group of independent pet…

IndePet is always working towards helping our store network increase profit, lower costs, and strengthen the group of independent pet stores in New Zealand and Australia.

We recently partnered with PD Pet Insurance to help support customers in accessing pet insurance and to create a passive income stream for stores.

Why is Pet Insurance Important?
Research conducted by PD Insurance showed that more than half our respondents either can’t or aren’t sure if they can afford a $1000+ vet bill. That is pretty concerning when you consider 1 in 5 of them who have/have had insurance say they’d claimed $2,500 or more from their pet insurer in just one year.
There is a growing sentiment amongst customers, especially millennials, about the importance of pet insurance as part of responsible pet ownership.
Indepet stores support the best care for their customers and their pets, offering a pet insurance option is a great thing to add to the already amazing range of services and support our stores offer.

Why PD Insurance?

PD Insurance is:
• Trans-Tasman and can partner with all stores in the Indepet group
• Recommended and supported by Indepet members “I really recommend PD Insurance; really easy and by far the best insurance policy rewards…” – Mike Tasker
• Committed to faultless customer service and a best-in-class insurance experience
• Supporting people to bring pets into their family in a responsible way
• Working to simplify the pet insurance policy process for customers – they offer, 3 simple plans with 3 simple excesses
• Providing peace of mind to pet parents when they are choosing their pet insurer
• Offering an exclusive deal to the Indepet Group

How does it work?

The store gets:
• Branded pet insurance brochures/posters bespoke to your store
• A customer service team ready to assist
• Instore referral code unique to your store – this ensures all referrals are linked to your store
• A referrer fee for every customer who signs up to a PD insurance policy
• A lead generation fee for any customer details successfully provided to PD insurance

The customers get:

• Generous FREE insurance periods for example pets under 1 year old, get up to 4 MONTHS FREE months, so nothing to pay.
• A boost in their initial FREE sign-up periods when using your referral code.
• Access to the PD Insurance team to help them navigate the pet insurance policy journey
• Peace of mind and protection for their pet.

The PD insurance team is made up of pet loving individuals just like us and are available to assist with any customer enquiries!